#166: Healers Need Healing: Let’s Talk About Burdens

Why is it that you never see your favorite superheroes checking in to the doctor’s office? Is it that we portray the image that in order to be a “hero” to someone that you have to be almost invincible to pain or suffering?

Depression and other mental health struggles do not discriminate. An important part of any kind of human service or ministry is to be mentally and spiritually well. Too often, in our flesh, we try to mask the perceived weaknesses associated with depression, anxiety, and emotional suffering that it eventually leads to burnout or a host of other problems.

This week, we’re saying, “NO MORE!”

#165: Erin’s Story

Erin Stoffel shares about the day her life changed forever. On, May 3, 2015, as the Stoffels went for an early spring walk a random act of violence temporarily separated this family and left Erin fighting for her life.

The extreme pain of separation has given Erin an understanding of God, His love and His healing power. Although Erin’s story still has many chapters to complete, she candidly shares with those willing to listen where hope can be found.

#164: Preparing for the Remarkable

Every day, you are being prepared for the next remarkable moment. The only way you’ll recognize it is if you are looking for opportunities to share hope. Thoughts and prayers are with the entire Wausau community and all those affected by the recent tragic events.

#163: Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

Jeff and Dave continue to look at the book of Colossians in Chapter 2 this week.

#162: Millennial Fatherhood

Jeff and Jason talk about what it takes to intentionally raise your kids to be godly men and women for life.

#161: Becoming Resilient

This week, we’ve centered our discussion around an article on 8 qualities the most resilient people share.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs (parents, teens, young adults), you know that success requires the resilience to keep moving ahead even when confronted with obstacles and roadblocks. You have a willingness to swim upstream and not give up simply because the tide is against you. Resilient people are successful because they possess these eight qualities…

Jeff and Dave share their thoughts on the 8 things and look at how Scripture confirms these principles. Did you know that Jonah had to learn how to be resilient in the face of failure?

#160: Living Life From The Refuge

When life is headed out of control, look to the Refuge. The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.

#159: Double Mindedness, Apathy, & Repeat Offenses

Jeff and Dave talk about 3 things that frustrate our faith journey: double-mindedness, repeating the same sin, and apathy.

#158: What’s The Point?

Jeff and Dave continue the Initiate series this week. Most people will struggle with doubt, whether it’s with your abilities, or with faith, or trusting people. Doubt is very real and doesn’t just go away when you put your faith in God. So, if you’ve ever questioned the point of life, listen to this episode and share your thoughts with us.

#157: Initiate (Part 3)

Jeff and Dave continue the Initiate series this week. This is all about looking at the building blocks of the Christian faith. This week, we look at living with spiritual disciplines. How do you put them into action in your life?

Olivia’s Story

Olivia Wilson shares her story battling depression and even talking about her struggle with suicidal thoughts on an episode of HopeNet Radio.


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